Home Design Outlet Center

Best in price

For years, Home Design Outlet Center has been offering quality bathroom products at highly competitive pricing. Customers enjoy low prices because factory direct prices are being offered to customers.

“It’s hard for customers to find similar products that are offered at such affordable prices,” commented a spokes person from the Company. “Some customers even find the promise too good to be true. So we encourage them to visit our showroom to view the actual products before making a buying decision.”

Being Closer To Customers

Home Design Outlet Center realizes that it is of great importance to be close to their customers. Although purchases can be made directly on the website, there will always be customers who will buy products such as bathroom vanity cabinets only after inspecting the actual goods.

First, the spaces also act as showrooms. Customers can visit the New Jersey showroom and check out the products in person before making a purchase. Those who would prefer face to face consultations can also get to speak with the support staff to acquire important information about the products that they are interested in.

In addition, by having warehouse we can ensure that customers receive their items as quickly as possible. Usually, orders are processed within 1 to 2 working days. The items are then shipped out, and customers can expect to receive the items with 2 to 7 days!

Does quick delivery come with a premium?

Customers will be pleasantly surprised to learn that shipping is free at Home Design Outlet Center. We also offers free pick ups from our location. .

High quality products

Having competitive prices doesn’t mean that the products offered are of inferior quality. In fact, Home Design Outlet Center offers some of the highest quality bathroom vanities in the market.

There is a wide selection of bathroom products available on our official website. Vanities are available in modern and fashionable designs. They come in different sizes and colors to ensure that customers can find something suitable that fits the budget and design.

Visiting showrooms

Our showroom is located at 400 County Ave Secaucus, New Jersey.

Three convenient ways to place orders

1) Order online – You can browser products and buy from the website directly. This is the fastest way to place an order.

2) Order by phone – For those who have questions and would prefer to communicate by phone can call us 1-800-701-0388.

3) Order in-person – Locate and visit our Kitchen And Bath Tile Showroom